Alamitos Vineyard

The mining which once made this land so valuable is now home to vines. Our vineyards are within the English, Spanish and Hacienda villages that were once inhabited by miners in the 1800s. We farm just under 5 acres which were planted in 2014 with custom clone grafts from UC Davis. We are in our second harvest with 2 blocks of Syrah, 1 block of Sauvignon Blanc and 1 block of Touriga Nacional, a unique Portuguese varietal considered by many to be Portugal’s finest. Despite the relatively low yields from its small grapes, it plays a big part in the blends used for ports, and is the basis for our limited release Rose and upcoming Port.

We chose these varietals because of the unique soil, and the microclimate which keeps it slightly warmer than the surrounding areas during the day and cool breezes that come over the Almaden Reservoir lake in front of the property at night. This creates unique characteristics within our Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc. The planting of the Portuguese varietal Touriga Nacional is an homage to winery co-owner Shaun’s grandfather who was an early wine maker in Livermore, California and an immigrant from the Azores islands of Portugal where he also made wine.